This guide is for anyone who has a Python project and wants to improve their documentation by integrating it with Read the Docs.

There are a number of advantages to having your project documentation hosted on Read the Docs:

  • Your documentation is specific to your code version. Add a new feature in your develop branch, update the documentation page, commit, update develop on GitHub and within a short amount of time the documentation for the develop branch has been updated on ReadtheDocs, but critically, master branch on ReadtheDocs still shows the documentation specific to the master branch.
  • You don’t have to worry about hosting a website for the documentation, including all the hassles of making it searchable etc.
  • You can configure automatic conversion of Docstrings from your Python code into nice looking searchable documentation pages in Read the Docs.

This guide is built entirely from a Python project on GitHub, using the techniques outlined here. The project on GitHub ( can be used as an example of the configuration. It uses a webhook for auto-rebuild of Read the Docs pages on project commits.

A couple of simple Python programs to demonstrate the autodoc functionality are also included in the project.